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How To Lower Table In RV: 5 Steps To Convert It Into Bed

RV living requires multi-purpose furniture and fun techniques to save space. It clears up clutter and makes more room.

Our favorite hack is to use the table as a bed too. Learn how to lower table in RV to use it as your eating corner and repurpose it as a bed to sleep on in this article.

We will also share how to replace your RV Dining table, our top 5 picks for RV Dinette tables, where to buy them, and answer some of the common queries you might have.

Lowering The U-Dinette Table Top

Lowering the U-dinette table and placing cushions can give you a mini bed. It’s incredibly easy to do.

Firstly, look under the table to check if the table legs can fold. The foldable legs will most likely be secured with screws and latches. Here is what to do in both situations:

Foldable Table Top

Foldable Table Top
Source: https://www.facebook.com/GrandDesignRv/videos/imagine-feature-high-low-table-mechanism/853365745244105/
  1. Hold the legs of the table to secure it from tumbling.
  2. Look for a yellow cover on the front-facing side of the leg.
  3. Remove the cover to find a latch.
  4. Lift the latch.
  5. Gently grab and pull the edge of the table downward as well as slightly forward to collapse the legs.

Non-Foldable Table Top

Non-Foldable Table Top
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mSdEQ4C8KE

Let’s take the example of the “Creekside 20FQ” dinette table which does not have folding legs. Here is how you can convert it:

  1. Lift the tabletop off.
  2. Remove the base pedestal post mounted on the floor.
  3. Place the table’s edges under the cushions.
  4. Lock them with the hooks that are under the tabletop.
  5. Put the cushions on the table-top to use it as a bed for sleeping or lounging sofa.

Why Consider RV Dinette Or RV Dining Table Replacement?

Why Consider RV Dinette Or RV Dining Table Replacement

You might wonder if is it really going to do any good if you replace the dining table. Let us assure you that it has many benefits! Let us list down some.

  1. Floor Space: Replacing the RV dinette table would create more room inside. You can have more storage space and less clutter.
  2. Modernize the Setup: A newer dinette table would upgrade your RV’s style for sure as the interior design of today is based on minimalism and RV living benefits from it.
  3. Decrease the weight: Newer tables are lightweight. Moving these around is extremely easy and it will take weight off of your vehicle.
  4. Easy Conversion: Newer tables are built to easily fold into the dinette bed. You will not have to deal with the complicated, difficult structures of old RV tables.

Is It Difficult To Replace Your RV Table?

Is It Difficult To Replace Your RV Table
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S04DaMY5qWE

Replacing the RV table is pretty easy. You will only need to unscrew a few bolts and the installed table will detach itself.

Make sure to replace the table with a dining table that is made especially for the RV. This is crucial because otherwise, you will struggle to attach it to the floor.

The RV dinette bed and table have hinges and brackets of their own which you have to screw and that is it.

How To Convert A Camper Pedestal Dinette Table Into A Bed

How To Convert A Camper Pedestal Dinette Table Into A Bed

Come along as we break down the steps to convert the camper pedestal dinette table that can be repurposed as a bed.

Step 1: Clear Off The Dinette Table

Start by cleaning up things on the table and around it. You will need space and any stuff that can cause disturbance should be removed while you work.

Make sure kids are away from tools and furniture too.

Step 2: Remove The Tabletop

Check for safety levers and release them to detach the tabletop. Once detached remove the tabletop and put it away.

Step 3: Remove The Pedestals

Take help with this step if possible. The pedestal posts of the camping van can be heavy and require strength to pull from the mount.

Step 4: Place The Tabletop In The Seat Area

Remove the cushions and place the tabletop on the seat support structure.

There are designated hooks/molds for the tabletop to be “locked”. It will fit like a glove and the table will serve as bed support.

Step 5: Place The Cushions On Top Of The Table To Turn Them Into A Bed

Once you slide the table on the seats, set the cushions on it and lay them flat to have a bed ready to be slept on.

5 Replacement RV Dining Tables And Dinettes

Now that we have talked about how to remove the dining table, let’s go over the options we have to replace it with, shall we?

Here are our top picks.

1. RecPro Small Lightweight Dinette Table

RecPro Small Lightweight Dinette Table

Seats: These dinette seats are for 2 to 4 people.

Weight: It is 11.75 pounds.

RecPro’s dining table’s compact size and weight make it one of our favorites.

Its size is 18 inches wide, 24 inches long, and 27.5 inches height but also has multiple variants of bigger sizes. It can carry 2000 pounds on itself.

The table is specially made for camper vans hence the installation is simple. Only the leg flush mounts are needed to be twisted and pushed in.

The table is lightweight and comes in two colors/patterns; granite chocolate and luna imperial.

2. Best Choice Products Residential Style Three Piece Dining Set

Best Choice Products Residential Style Three Piece Dining Set

Seats: This set is made to seat 2 people.

Weight: This weighs 40 pounds.

RV Dining tables often times compromise on the style for functionality. For a couple camping on their honeymoon, this could be a mood kill.

To keep the date elegant when you eat dinner, we recommend Best Choice Products’ residential-style dining set. It’s made of wood and metal giving beautiful textures with two chairs.

The table can hold 132-pound weight while each chair can lift 286 pounds.

3. Sunkroto 2-Person Portable Picnic Table

Sunkroto 2-Person Portable Picnic Table

Seats: There are 2 dinette seats.

Weight: It only weighs 11 pounds.

This set by Sunkroto is perfect for people looking for a portable dining table. The table and seat set both are extremely lightweight and foldable, saving loads of floor space.

The portability allows for dining inside or outside the camper as one pleases.

It is made of aluminum alloy and its dimensions are 35.4 inches wide, 23.62 inches long, and 27.56 inches height.

4. ALPS Mountaineering XL Camping Table

ALPS Mountaineering XL Camping Table

Seats: It can seat 4 to 6 people easily.

Weight: It weighs 12 pounds.

ALPS Mountaineering has designed the tabletop in a way that one can roll it up when not in use. The metal frame is lightweight and portable.

It creates tons of storage space in the camper and when needed to sit and use your laptop, play cards, eat with friends, or tutor kids, bring it out.

5. Wall Mounted Folding Table

Wall Mounted Folding Table

Seats: You can place 2 to 3 dinette seats with it.

Weight: It weighs 8.2 pounds.

If you are looking for an unconventional dining table with a twist of modern design this is it. It is wall-mounted, wooden, and folds in when not in use.

It is can be easily assembled and packages include everything you will need. It will be a valuable and stylish addition to your camper.

Its dimensions are 15.7 inches wide and 23.6 inches long.

How To Remove A Table In An RV

How To Remove A Table In An RV

Removing the table in your camping and travel trailers is not a hassle. We only need a few tools and minor steps to release it from the floor.

You will turn your RV into a great place to reside within minutes.

Items You Will Need

  • Cordless drill
  • Screwdriver bit
  • Socket wrench
  • Household Lubricant

Removing A Dinette Table

Removing A Dinette Table
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vl3JLXY0BUU&t=71s

Step 1: Remove The Table Top

Firstly remove the tabletop. It might be secured with a lever from its underside so make sure to lift it to unlock it.

Step 2: Fold The Table

If the table top is detachable it must be folded or lowered. To fold, push in the direction of the hinges. Most tables turn 90 degrees or press downwards.

Step 3: Remove The Pedestal

Next, you should find where and how the table is mounted by the pedestal.

Often the bolts are hidden under the carpets. Loosen the bolts with a socket wrench to detach them from the floor.

Step 4: Clear The Table Parts To Make Space

Once the pedestal is detached put it away to utilize the space for storage or use it as a bed.

Removing A Free-Standing Table

These tables could be mounted on the wall to securely stand still. Look for screws and bolts on the wall and the supports on the floor.

Use a drill to loosen its bolts and screws. Once these are off the table will detach itself.

How To Lower Table In RV – FAQ

How Do I Lower My RV Table To Bed?

You will have to remove the tabletop and then release the lever on the table’s legs to fold them in. After that, push in the direction of the hinges to lower the table. Now set the top on the lowered frame and place cushions for comfortable sleep.

How Do You Collapse An RV Dinette Table?

First, take the tabletop off then remove the bolts that secure the leg from folding. You will now fold the legs to collapse the dinette table.

How Do You Level A Camper Table?

Inserting shims under the pedestal mounts will level the camper table.

How Do You Make A Table Lower?

RV tables are equipped with foldable legs. Unscrew the bolts from the folding joints and fold the table down to lower its height.

How Do You Get Folding Table Legs Down?

To get the folding table down pull on the foot caps until the hinges are fully extended. Now, push out the support bars and lock the legs.

How Do You Adjust Adjustable Table Legs?

Use the loose leg of the adjustable table to determine the height. Squeeze the trigger on the leg and insert it into the groove. Release the trigger to lock the legs.


There you go! Now you have a handy trick to use. Repurpose your dining table seating as a bed for sleeping, replace them with minimal, portable ones or remove them to make space.

What else can the dinette be used as other than a bed? What are your hacks for saving space in the camper vans? We are going to read your comments so write them down!

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