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10 Best Small Travel Trailers & Campers Under 5,000 Pounds

Camping is all about indulging in a mesmerizing experience. The best travel trailer and camper under 5000 pounds comes with plenty of amenities to make your stay comfortable.

What you’ll love about investing in these RV travel trailers is that they are designed incredibly to offer you a mind-blowing lifetime experience. These travel trailers are comfortable and perfect for small families to accommodate.

To help you invest in the best travel trailer, we have listed down the best travel trailers and campers under 5000 pounds.

Best Travel Trailers and Campers Under 5000 Pounds Reviewed

Forest River Wolf Pup 18TO

Forest River Wolf Pup 18TO is an incredible RV trailer that features a slide-out with a queen bed, sofa featuring hidden bunk bed, dinette functioning well, and a perfect camper. Investing in this travel trailer allows couples with a family of six to sleep well.

Enjoy a huge dinette, under-bed storage, overhead cabinets, and drawers. There is also a rear TV placed which offers a complete view of the interior.

Not only this, you get a functional bath and gourmet kitchen in this camper trailer which means you have everything in this trailer for indulging in an adventurous experience. There is also an awning entertainment area having LP quick connect and a pup kitchen.

If you seek a spacious camper trailer with different configurations, this RV is an excellent choice, allowing you to enjoy all outdoors without any hassle.

It also features a spacious sofa that you can easily convert into a huge bed. I enjoy using this trailer in the daytime and nighttime because it is convenient and easy to use.

Are you seeking the sleeping area present in this Wolf-Pup trailer? There is a queen bed in the front part of the trailer.

You can keep all your stuff and your family’s stuff within the overhead cabinet. You also get USB charging ports to charge all your devices and gadgets.

It comes with a complete kitchen having a seamless countertop. Enjoy a luxurious feel in this camper trailer with a freshwater capacity of around 26 gallons and a gray water capacity of 23 gallons.


  • Comes with a full-length awning.
  • Features maximum space in a camper trailer.
  • You can control features using a smartphone.
  • Features a complete kitchen.

Jayco Hummingbird 17RB

Hit the road now by investing in the lightweight, comfortable travel trailer built by the legendary construction process. Jayco is a brand that fulfills the dream of creating campers for families.

Jayco Hummingbird 17RB is a camper trailer with advanced technology, a sound system, and a complete focus on trailers. With Jayco travel and camper trailer, you can enjoy better fuel efficiency.

What you’ll love about this Jayco travel trailer is that it comes with impact-resistant powder-coated fenders with a u-channel slide-out. In addition, it comes with an outside grill, an exterior TV bracket having satellite hooks, and cable.

Enjoy a cool environment with the 13500 BTU air conditioner has 25 gallons of black and grey water tank capacity and 31.6 gallons of fresh water tank capacity.


  • Comes with a seamless kitchen.
  • Features a power awning that comes with stunning LED lights.
  • Comes in affordable, top-notch quality.
  • Features powerful, compact design.


  • Comes with minimal interior and is less spacious.

Keystone HIDEOUT 179LHS

Keystone Hideout 179LHS is a perfect blend of quality and luxurious experience. It delivers you the ideal adventurous experience over the seashores, mountainous areas, and much more!

It is unique because it comes in a wide range with different layouts and floor plans, allowing perfect accommodation for all families.

This incredible travel trailer features an 8-foot exterior, chassis, steel-reinforced construction with exceptional features that make it a great choice! Enjoy an interesting camping experience with this top-notch quality camper trailer that is available at a great price.

Keystone is the leading manufacturer of RV travel trailers. The best thing about this trailer is that it comes with a luxurious exterior having e-coated wheels with diamond plating.

That’s not all!

It features whole storage underneath the master bedroom with interior surround speakers. Moreover, it comes with a residential refrigerator and built-in furnace with 30000 BTUs.

With this RV travel trailer, you get 15000 BTUs of the air conditioner with exterior shower and various safety options, making it an incredible choice.


  • Security features like smoke detectors and safety chains.
  • You have floor customization options in this travel trailer.
  • It comes with a luxurious design.
  • Comes in top-notch, comfortable quality.


  • Quite pricey compared to different RVs.

Grand Design Transcends Xplor 187MK

Grand Design transcends a viral travel trailer. It is one of the top-notch quality campers which has won the hearts of several customers. So, you must wonder what accommodation is for this travel trailer – it’s around 3 to 4 people.

Moreover, it comes with a stunning set of features making it an incredible choice for singles, small families, or couples.

What makes Grand Design different from other camper trailers in the market is that it’s made from top-notch quality and detail.

The best thing about this travel trailer is that it comes with upgraded furniture with solid hardwood drawers, ball bearing extension drawers with extra outlets.

What you’ll love about this camper travel trailer is that it features a comfortable queen bed with a storage drawer. Plus, it comes with overhead storage, which is excellent for storing all your items.


  • Features a u-shaped dinette.
  • Comes with a great kitchen with incredible storage.
  • Enjoy relaxing outside and grilling with this camper trailer.
  • Features top-notch quality with incredible construction.


  • Needs some design changes for added convenience.

Coachmen Freedom Express Ultra Lite 195RBS

Coachmen Freedom Express Ultra-lite comes in 4892 lbs. with accommodation of around 4 people. It comes in the length of around 23′ 11”’ if you seek something extra light at an affordable price, you should opt for this camper travel trailer.

Moreover, the incredible thing about this camper is that it comes with built-in cabinets in all spaces within the trailer that allows you to store your stuff properly without any hassle. So, if you are planning to stay on the road for an extended duration, then it’s best to invest in this one!

The best thing about this travel trailer is the unique floorplan which features the hideaway queen bed. This stunning feature does not take up the living area’s entire space, making it a comfortable camper choice for users.

This travel trailer comes in a cozy setting with a theater-style sofa, comfortable seating, and a built-in entertainment center with a stylish and space-saving environment.

Enjoy the u-shaped dinette of this camper which is great for enjoying meals and game nights. Not only this, you get a stunning window in this trailer which allows you to enjoy spectacular views with a relaxing experience.

Hence, you can enhance the space of the sleeping area by converting the dinette into a huge bed.


  • Features stylish designs in the shower, kitchen, and more.
  • Comes with a stunning floor plan having a detailed touch and finishing.
  • Allows you to indulge in incredible views with a window.


  • LED lights in awnings are not great.

Vintage Cruiser 23 MBS

Next on our list of best travel trailers is the Vintage Cruiser 23 MBS. This travel trailer allows you to accommodate around 4 people.

The best thing about this travel camper trailer is its retro style. This camper travel trailer is all about stylish looks and construction, plus an overall spacious look. Indulge in the vintage trailer experience with this travel trailer.

The living space is the highlighted feature of this travel trailer, having a slide-out that goes within interior space, giving you extra room for moving around.

It comes with a u-shaped dinette having a huge window giving you a mesmerizing view. Moreover, it features a dinette which you can easily turn into an extra bed. It also comes with under-seat storage, which is perfect for storing your stuff.


  • Cabinets for storage.
  • Comes with a great kitchen, refrigerator, and freezer.
  • 4-persons accommodation.
  • Spacious living area with great bedding options.


  • Costs for repairing this travel trailer are quite high.

Dutchmen Kodiak Ultra-lite 227BH


This Dutchmen Kodiak ultra-lite best trailer comes with 4338 lbs. with a stunning accommodation of around 7 people. So, enjoy investing in this spectacular travel trailer, a perfect budget-friendly choice giving enough space for the entire family and friends.

You’ll love this trailer because it features a queen bed having nightstands and double closets. Moreover, it comes with overhead storage above the bed for accessories and extra clothing.

The best thing about this trailer is that it features a refrigerator, three burners, a double sink, oven, a spacious countertop, and much more in the kitchen, allowing you to indulge in an incredible experience.

That’s not all!

It comes with a bunkhouse having double bunks offering a sleeping capacity of around 4 people. In addition, the banquet-style dinette in this trailer allows four adults to sit comfortably, which you can also convert into a bed set.

Enjoy a shower in huge bathrooms with a sink, toilet, and more, giving you a memorable experience.


  • Comes with a great kitchen and storage space.
  • Comes with enough accommodation.
  • Features great equipment to give you a stunning experience.
  • Made from top-notch quality materials.


  • Leakage problems faced by buyers.

Venture SONIC SN220VBH

Our next best travel trailer is the venture sonic SN220VBH. It comes with a UVW of around 4560 lbs. with accommodation of around 6 people. What you’ll love about this camper trailer is that it is easy to tow. Thus, it serves as a great choice for small groups and families.

The best features about this camper trailer are that it features a queen-size murphy bed set with a dinette sleeper allowing two individuals to sleep with a double bunk offering enough sleeping space.

Not only this, it comes with a window that allows natural light to come in, offering a cozy space for the entire family. The dinette in this trailer allows four individuals to sit easily. The slide-out opens within the space offering enough room for enjoying cooking.


  • Comes with enough storage.
  • Features a washroom with a shower, sink, and toilet.
  • A completely organized kitchen having a refrigerator and stovetop.
  • Features a relaxing experience with a huge awning.


  • The construction quality is not that great.

Airstream Caravel 22FB


Our second last travel and camper trailer under 5000 pounds is the airstream caravel 22FB, a perfect old-school trailer. This airstream caravel travel trailer is one of the lightest camper trailers featuring four unique floor plans.

Moreover, it comes with floor plans ranging between sixteen feet in length to around twenty-two feet which you can easily tow using large SUVs.

What makes it an incredible choice is that it comes with finished details making it stunning. Furthermore, it features a lovely kitchen with a stainless-steel gas stove plus a cast-iron burner.

It comes with a residential-style faucet with a rectangular stainless-steel basin giving it an artistic look.

Enjoy a perfect getaway with this travel trailer that comes with a bathroom on all floorplans. The floorplans also come with a comfortable bed and a cozy dinette.

You’ll love the ultra-leather seating with abundant storage and air conditioning in this camper trailer. Plus, it comes with panoramic windows within the rear and front of the camper trailer, allowing you to indulge in a memorable experience.


  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Comes with enough accommodation.
  • Features four different floor plans.
  • Comes with windows to allow light to enter through.


  • There is no cargo-carrying capacity in this trailer.

Braxton Creek BX-22qb


Braxton camper travel trailer comes with UVW of around 4440 lbs. with the accommodation of around 5 persons. What’s more impressive about the trailer is that it comes with an 81-inch ceiling height and has a huge wardrobe that is easy to tow and is lightweight.

Once you enter your camper trailer, you will love the room divider, which allows you to maintain privacy over the sleeping area in front.

The best thing about this travel trailer is that it comes with a queen bed with windows along with spacious closets. In addition, it comes with overhead shelves allowing the buyers to store their items.

This travel trailer comes with a bathtub and counter space, toilet, and sink, making you feel comfortable. The kitchen also features three burners, a pantry, and a fridge with a double sink offering a breezy cooking experience.

Lastly, it comes with a 16-foot awning offering excellent shade and comfort.


  • Easy to tow.
  • Comes with a comfortable living space.
  • Features enough storage and sleeping capacity.


  • Build quality is not that great.

How To Choose The Best Travel Trailers and Campers Under 5,000 Pounds GVWR?


First and foremost, check out the material plus construction quality of the travel trailer and camper. The best travel trailer should be such that it is constructed using top-notch quality material.


When buying the best travel trailer and camper, choose the one that offers enough accommodation for the number of passengers you have.


Hydraulic fluids vary from one model to another. Moreover, it depends on the year when the travel trailer was made. So, determine the type of hydraulic fluid properly when buying the best travel trailer.


Cargo carrying capacity is also another essential factor which you should consider while buying the best travel trailer.

Optional Equipment

When investing in the best travel trailer and camper, choose the one that features special optional equipment. You can keep a check on equipment like receiver hitch, weight distribution system, sway control, brake controller, and much more that helps in towing the travel trailer easily.

Holding Tanks

When buying the best travel trailer under 5000 pounds, check the holding tank capacity for freshwater, greywater, and black water, so it meets your needs adequately.

Upgrade Options

Upgrade options are usually available in most travel trailers where you can customize the kitchen designs, washroom, living space, and more, so choose wisely.


What Is the Average GVWR of an RV?

The GVWR is a dry weight plus cargo-carrying capacity of the RV. GVWR is around 5200 pounds of an RV on average.

What Is the Best Lightweight Travel Trailer?

Forest River r-pod travel trailer is one of the best lightweight travel trailers in the market.

What Size Truck Do I Need to Pull A 30-Foot Camper?

Specific models are designed more lightly, making them easy to haul, while 30-foot campers need a 7000 lbs. towing capacity. Small trailers, on the other hand, require a less capacity truck for towing the campers.

What Is the Average Tongue Weight of a Travel Trailer?

The average tongue weight is around 10-15% of GTW. For instance, a 10000 lbs. trailer comes with a tongue weight of around 1000-1500lbs. You can easily adjust the trailer’s tongue weight by adding or removing cargo with load redistribution over the camper trailer.

How Do You Distribute a Travel Trailer Weight?

When loading weight over the travel trailer, place heavy items in front with small, light items placed over the rear end. When you tow a closed trailer, small, delicate items should be placed over the top of the back end. However, for an open trailer, you shouldn’t put small objects over the sides of the trailer.

Gallery of Small Travel Trailers You’ll Fall Inlove With


With the diverse range of travel trailers under 5000 pounds in the market, we have reviewed some of the best camper trailers that come with a mesmerizing and adventurous camping experience.

Consider getting your hands on any one of these travel trailers as they are the best choice suiting your budget plus. In addition, they are easy to tow. So, without delaying any further, get your hands on the stunning travel trailer, which is lightweight, comfortable, and comes with stunning features.

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