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DIY Truck Tent – How to Make One Under $100? [6 Steps]

Imagine you are getting ready to go camping with your girlfriend. It will be you and her under the million stars sky in some isolated place away from all the noise and stress.

Everything seems great. It seems perfect until it starts to rain.

Although rain can give the view a little extra amount of charm and peacefulness, things can start being very nasty out there!

Yet, instead of giving up on your camping plan or your fishing trip, consider equipping your truck with a tent that can protect you from flooding.

The idea is that we are going to make a roof for the back of our track. This way, we will have a magical floating tent

Therefore, in this article, I will be sharing some tips for you to create your DIY truck bed tent.

But if you prefer to get a ready-made tent for your truck, you should check out the following bestsellers:

How to Make a Truck Tent? [Tips and Steps]

Tip 1: Put those holes in the back of your truck to use

If you have been wondering why truck manufacturers have included 4 holes in the side of their truck’s back, now is a good time to discover one of the reasons behind that.

For this, you will need 4 PVC pipes that will fit into the holes and be the feet upon which your roof will stand.

Tip 2: Make your plan A look like an A

The best and most suitable form for your tent would be the form of an “A”, like the letter A. You have to make the first layer with the four feet, and then match them with horizontal pipes.

For this, you will need two extra pipes matching the length of the side of your truck’s back, four 45 degrees elbows, and 4 T connectors.

Connect each 45 degrees elbow to a foot and then plug the T connector in that elbow.

Next, match every two elbows with the long support pipe. This way, your tent will be more stable and it will stand against the wind and the rain. Plus, you will never walk alone.

Tada! Now you can see the lower half of your A.

Moving on to the upper half of your actual roof. First, it needs to be triangular for us to have the actual complete form of an A.

For this, we will need 4 extra pipes plus 2 90 degree connectors to be the top of our roof. Now you only need to connect each pipe to a T connector and hold them together using that 90-degree connector.

Voilà! You have your perfect A form skeleton for your perfect back truck tent for a perfect journey!

Tip 3: Adding more strength will do no harm

On some occasions, it can get so windy and rainy outside to the point that your skeleton won’t hold. But, remember, there is no turning back from this – you have planned this for a long time with your girlfriend and maybe you won’t get another chance like this.

So, let’s get back to work.

To make your skeleton steadier all you need to do is to cut your 4 top pipes into half to get 8 shorter pipes. Then, get yourself 2 extra-long support pipes and 2 extra T connectors.

Now, connect each two short roof pipes together with the T connectors. Before reconnecting your top with the 90-degree connectors.

Get those two extra support pipes and plug them in between the new 2 connectors. This way, you will have an extra support line. The last thing to do is to connect each upper short roof pipes together with a 90-degree connector.

There! Your skeleton is steadier now, your tarp won’t cave in and most importantly, your plan is going perfectly.

Actually, you may even consider making it this way when it’s clear outside; it just looks better now.

Tip 4: Cover yourself

Now, your skeleton looks great. Everything’s in place except for one thing, the thing that will make your tent look like a tent – the tarp, the large sheet of string, flexible, waterproof, and water-resistant material.

Make sure your tarp would fit perfectly, not too large nor too short.

Most importantly, make sure it does its job which is protecting you from both the rain and the wind. Lastly, for your tarp to hold firm and not fly off, clamp it down with 4 clamps in the front and 4 in the back.

Tip 5: Get rid of the noise

You and your girlfriend are now in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night inside your tent enjoying the calm and isolation.

Yet, the wind goes stronger and the tent starts to move and vibrate making a very bad and disturbing noise. To prevent this from happening, we do need an extra piece of unpredictable material, a pool noodle.

This pool noodle will serve as an extra layer covering the four feet of your tent to prevent them from coming to contact with sides of the 4 holes and to fill that gap between the foot and the side of the feet.

Now, cut it down to 4 short pieces and cover every foot.

If you make the noise test and start moving your tent, you won’t notice any noise. That’s exactly what we need for our perfect trip.

Tip 6: Be precise

Although it seems complicated, creating your tent won’t be hard if you pay attention to details. Meaning that you need to be very careful when buying your construction material.

Remember! Everything needs to fit perfectly and it will. We don’t want to have some bad scenarios with the construction nor the trip.

That is why make sure the pieces will fit perfectly like a Lego game when you purchase them before starting the construction.

Voilà, everything in place. No water, no wind, no noise. Now, you’re ready to roll with your DIY truck tent!

I’ll leave you the list of the components you need plus the amazon links for some of them so you won’t start looking for them yourself.

Remember, the ideal is to use the 1-inch pipes yet it still depends on the holes of your truck – so I’ll leave you the choice!

Items to build your DIY truck bed tent:

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